The Undying Fire


A.Zarfullina and A.Vir

They keep chasing me,
In this endless space,
Voices, chaotic and clear
Striking/ strikes my heart with a flaming fear.

Reached land’s end, a fate to embrace,
Tell me Lord, where is my place?
Exhales the sound of the sea
An angel’s fall from grace

Drowned to rock bottom, carefully you tread,
For you see, worse off victims dead
Resurrection, of soul, you’ll never forget,
It’s better to try than to regret.

Diving out of no man’s land,
With the Undying Fire as my friend
But I’m running away in a cold sweat
Trying to put out the fire,
Trying to escape the silhouette

Twisted and warped was my worldview
True beauty of life, I never had a clue
Blinded by anxiety, I’ve gone insane
Let’s go away, away from this pain

Undying Fire now possessing me,
Feeling fortunate now, how wretched for thee
Drench your air with my shiny tresses
Remember me along all faces

I just have everything I wanted
Аgain,again I come back haunted
By you, cause you have been enchanted
Again,again I come back haunted

Fearing of fear itself,
Not going back into the darkness
Keep these demons in my memory shelf
With the Undying Fire, never shall there be weakness.
Never shall there be weakness
Never shall there be weakness